10 Reasons Why Beatstars is the Ultimate Platform for Selling Beats

10 Reasons Why Beatstars is the Ultimate Platform for Selling Beats

by The Cool Typhoon


Producers, artists, and songwriters can collaborate with people all around the world with a click of a button. No need to do heavy research when looking for assistance. There is also a feature to add a collaborator to a beat, and Beatstars will automatically pay out both collaborators on a sale.


When you run a promo ad, Beatstars will display the ad to the highest potential client that could become a returning customer.

Free Domain

The Unlimited Pro Package includes a full domain and website for your business.

Indie Accounting

Beatstars does your books for you. You can easily print and track your weekly, monthly and annual sales for tax and ledger purposes.


The beat tagging system is bar none the best in the industry. Tagging your beat correctly can help easily garner potential leads and drive traffic to your products.

Guidance and Resources

From uploading your first beat to making your first sale, Beatstars provides endless guidance and coaching, handing you the keys to success from the start.

Featured Playlists

Featured playlists help producers gain more exposure at no cost.


Beatstars provides legal contracts for you, which you can customize, so your clients know what rights they have and how they’re permitted to use your music. This is a great starting point if you don’t have a lawyer on retainer.

Embedded Store

The Blaze Player is a customizable music player and store all in one. You can simply copy and paste embedded code into your own website to host the store off-platform.

Placement Opportunities

Major artists are always scouting for producers on Beatstars, but you can also directly submit your tracks for posted placement opportunities, making this platform a total game changer.


Financial independence is possible in this music industry. You just have to create with purpose and pursue that bag. For more creative ways to earn a living with music, check out this article on my top 5 Ways to Make Money in Music. And download the Master List of 30 Music Revenue Streams.


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