Step by Step: How to buy an NFT on Rarible

Step by Step: How to buy an NFT on Rarible

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These steps can pretty much be applied to buying NFTs on most marketplaces, but I’m giving specifics of how to do this with myyyyyy very first NFT drop on THURSDAY the 14th which is on Rarible!

When you want to buy any NFT drop that is time sensitive, you’ll want to go through these steps a day ahead of time so you’re all set up on time! Read more about my first NFT at the end :)

Truly there are 2 ways to do this, and a lot of marketplaces (including Rarible) offer an easy way to bypass a lot of these steps (for a fee). The shortcut way to get your NFT bidding on, is to simply make an account on Rarible, it’ll prompt you to create a wallet, and then when you click “Place a Bid” or an NFT it will notify you that you have insufficient funds (your wallet is empty lol), and you may add funds with a credit card. Here is the longer route, which will also educate you a bit on buying and sending crypto! Read on…

  1. Make an account on

  2. Link a crypto wallet to your account - if you don’t have one, I recommend Metamask. Rarible will prompt you to set up a wallet right on their website :)

  3. Buy Ethereum on any crypto exchange - if you’ve never done that, Coinbase is a great place to start, so set an account up there, link your bank account (you’ll connect with Plaid, you’ll see), and you’ll be able to transfer USD to Coinbase, and then buy Ethereum. Note: Coinbase may require you to download the app Google Authenticator. In addition to typing in a password, this adds extra security by generating a code you’ll see in the app for you to type into Coinbase and verify your identity.

4. Copy your wallet address in Metamask so you have somewhere to send crypto to.

5. Send the Ethereum to your wallet address.

6. Wait a little - it can take some time for funds to transfer. If you’d like to watch updates on your transaction, head to and paste your wallet address in the search bar. Click on your search result to view more details.

7. Place a Bid on the NFT once the funds are seen in your Metamask Wallet :) If the currency is different than what you have in your wallet, you can swap the currency right in your Metamask Wallet. However if Wrapped Ether is what the artist accepts, and you have ETH in your wallet, Rarible will automatically add the process of converting your ETH to WETH once you place your bid.

8. Need more funds? Some NFT marketplaces are set up so if you need to add more funds to make higher bids, you can just use a credit card to add more funds to your wallet. This is the low key short cut if you don’t want to buy crypto on an external exchange, however you’ll pay an additional transaction fee.

9. Win! If your bid is accepted, the NFT will be stored right in your Metamask Wallet, and record of your ownership will be forever on the blockchain. Should you ever choose to sell your NFT to a new owner, the original artist will receive a percentage of the sale.

NFTs are a beautiful way to directly support artists, musicians, producers, songwriters and vocalists who are constantly battling to receive the compensation they deserve from big streaming corporations. Not only are you supporting the artist, you play a major part in the artist’s journey FOREVER. On the blockchain your name lives beside this artist as a collector of their rare art, even after you sell. 

The term Genesis piece, meaning an artist’s very first NFT, is fitting as this is the birth of a new era, a re-Genesis of the music and art industry. You are part of a very historic shift where the global community of creators are taking back their art, and finally enjoying the fruit of their labor.

You can check out and bid on my very first NFT’s here:


Thank you for supporting my music career, and supporting my very first 100% self produced, self written EP: HURRICANE KIM. Shout out to my fellow female singers and vocal entrepreneurs out there!!



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